• Passion and great software

  • Providing Scalable Networking And Cloud
    Solutions To Business

  • Get Solutions That best Fit Your

  • Empowering Our Clients To Realize
    Their Ambitious Ideas

  • Making life easier,
    Making the world a better place !


As a trusted technology partner, Pesonet applies its vast industry knowledge and domain expertise to design and build landmark new software products and enterprise systems for leading companies in the financial services, healthcare, travel & hospitality, media and more.

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We build cloud & networking infrastructure service scalability to businesses, by enabling IT resources to be consolidated, multiple users can share a common infrastructure without sacrificing the security of each user's data, this allows to reduce operational and future costs.

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We uncover and explore the needs and requirements for a preferred outcome, suggest potential suitable approaches, determine the most optimal one, and then design the best possible solution that is delivered to client’s budget, schedule and technical constraints.

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Pesonet ?

Pesonet applies its vast industry knowledge and domain expertise to build landmark enterprise,software and networking solutions.
A proven team that uses top-notch management methodologies to keep projects on time, helping customers to get innovative solutions in deployment faster. Pesonet clients benefit from the firm’s unique delivery model that focuses on building smaller, more efficient teams of senior-level resources with domain and functional expertise embedded.
Done right, an outsourced application development will always be more cost-effective. And we know the impact of time and resources on productivity and profit. Pesonet provides clients with services and skills on par with those found in and outside Ghana, but at a fraction of the cost.
Finally, here is an application development outsourcer who gets it, who delivers what they say they’ll deliver, who views their role as an equal partner with insights and valuable opinions, and who works hand-in-hand with customers to get it done right. The high degree of expertise and specialization .
Pesonet brings to the table enables the firm to offer clients services from idea to production, managed in a fully transparent and candid manner. Pesonet clients receive superior service and full commitment from the project team.

Our Values

Make great things

We build products that are fast, effortless to use and aesthetically pleasing. We roll up our sleeves and create things worthy of our clients' and users' time.

Deliver results

Activity without progress is worthless. At the individual level and as an organization, we take responsibility for our successes, our failures and our work.

Embrace transparency

Clients work with us because they trust us. We track and measure every aspect of our work to ensure projects launch on time, on budget and generate meaningful value for our clients.

Seek mastery

We reject mediocrity. We pursue perfection, depth of knowledge and life-long learning.

Take ownership

We're not afraid to speak up and stand for what we think is true.

Have fun

We enjoy solving complex challenges and celebrating success together. We are a like-minded team of talented and passionate professionals.

Happy Customers