About Us

About Pesonet

We have a history of making big things happen.

Pesonet Limited is an African-based technology consultancy founded in 2012 and a strategic partner to industry leaders in manufacturing, financial services and technology.

We're growing everyday with our team.

We're a melting pot of cultures, languages, engineers, designers and dreamers. We learn from each other and laugh with each other.

We stand by our values.

From the way we work with our clients to the way we interact with each other, our values influence everything that we do.

About us

We dreamed of empowering our clients to realize their most ambitious ideas. Be it their process, constantly changing priorities, or lack of technology expertise, they struggled to make meaningful strides with innovation. We have always sensed that great impact of technology in businesses and our life could help. We opened our doors in 2012 with those ideals in mind.

We believe great solutions can excite people and transform entire enterprises, allowing innovation to flow freely. We design elegant solutions and products that inspire our clients' employees and customers to achieve great things.

We rally against mediocrity and missed deadlines. We seek team members that care about results and are not afraid of change. We believe passion and great solutions can revitalize the largest of enterprises.

Our Clients